A Closer Look with Adam Grason

How long have you been in design?
I’ve been designing since High School and started freelancing around that time but didn’t really take it serious as my career until about 5 years ago. Total years designing has been 10 years.

Do your personal projects differ from your professional work? If yes, how so?
They do tend to be different. I currently work full-time for Disney where my current role requires me to design and illustrate training materials. My freelance/personal work is very stylistically different and tends to be the work I am most passionate about. All my work outside of Disney tends to nod back to the earlier design era where illustration was king and it all had a handcrafted look.

A Closer Look

What do you think are the most important elements to focus on, when creating a personal website?
The most important thing to me is that who you are and the type of work you want to be doing is proudly displayed. In the past I would literally post anything and everything I was working on….even if it sucked. I was so caught up on making it look like I had a lot of work that I started getting the wrong kind of inquires. It wasn’t until I stripped down my site and dropped all the garbage that I began to get the kind of work I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. Your site needs to give someone a snapshot of your passion for art and your skills within seconds or you will lose them.

Describe your process when creating this website
My process was to really keep it simple. Though I know it is time for a refresh I wanted the look to retain my brand and highlight my work. I see a lot of sites with all these features and add ons and the work just isn’t there or it’s not displayed in a way that captures interest. What appealed to me for Prosite was how well it displayed my art and how little fluff it added.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated?
The most driving factor for me is my insane desire to be better. I always want to improve. I study styles and techniques until I go insane. Being self taught has made me a work horse but it keeps me motivated. I am always inspired when I go to dribbble.com…kind of hard to not be impressed by some of the folks on there. Working for Disney helps with the whole being inspired thing ;).

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What creative projects you’ve worked on are you most proud of?
In my freelance days I got approached by BarkleyUS to help work on the Holiday Campaign for Krispy Kreme. I took on a lot of work and eventually landed the entire international campaign. It was one of those moments in my career where I realized this was what I would be doing for the rest of my life. I learned a lot and to date I am insanely proud of that project.

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