A Closer Look with Jessica Henderson

How long have you been in design?
I worked as a full-time designer immediately after I graduated college about 7 years ago. I worked in-house in a University marketing and communications department while going to grad school and switched gears to become an assistant professor after graduating with my MFA about 3 years ago.

Do your personal projects differ from your professional work? If yes, how so?
For sure. I very much have one foot in the “fine art” studio and one in my office. The work I do for clients is strategic, objective-based and bottom-line driven while my studio work is entirely self-directed. I love the freedom to wander here–to not have an explicit strategy or game plan. There’s room for ambiguity, surprise and tension that is typically less desirable in the client-work I do.

A Closer Look with Jessica Henderson

Describe your process when creating this website
My main goal for this site was to create something that would be easy to maintain and update regularly. I very much appreciate the ProSite interface for this. In terms of look and design, I wanted to be sure the site felt unique and personal to me but also clean and easy to update. The flickering tiles create a pretty dramatic presence that can be changed by uploading new thumbnail images in just a few minutes time–instant re-brand when the time comes.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated?
I am motivated by living a thoughtful life–being curious and contemplative and establishing margin to be reflective in a busy and input-inundated digital culture. This space is where the work comes from–and is typically what the work is about. I am also extremely inspired by interactions and exchanges with other artists, designers and students. It’s important to get, and stay, engaged in collaborative creative communities.

A Closer Lookj

What creative project you’ve worked on are you most proud of?
Proud is not the word I’d choose but I am very excited and energized about my most recent series of books “A Collection of Collections” which are made up of various observations and thoughts about the digital life I live.

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