Behance Member Success Stories: Mart Biemans

In this installment, we’re featuring Mart Biemans, a young digital artist and illustrator from The Netherlands. Since joining in 2008, Mart has been featured in number of the Behance networks and was profiled in Adobe’s New Creatives campaign earlier in 2014.  Below is an excerpt of a testimonial from the artist.

“My life has proven that it is almost impossible to predict your future, even though I’ve had dreams and expectations like every other kid growing up, things turned out completely different than expected. . .


When I was young I always wanted to become a professional chef, I loved cooking and I really enjoyed helping my parents with it every now and then. I loved the idea of starting my own restaurant and cooking delicious food for my customers. In a way I guess you could say that those thoughts where the first steps towards a creative career as I still believe that for cooking you need creativity.  Like every other kid I also enjoyed drawing, but at that time it was just a small hobby and I never imagined myself making a living out of it. . .


I was very young when I first started digital arts and illustration, about 13 years old. Via an online game which me and most of my classmates played, I stumbled into the world of so called ‘signature making.’  Once most of my classmates quit that game I for some reason couldn’t stop creating these signatures. I loved it, I had no idea why but like when I was young it was a great way to express myself. After a while the signatures evolved into larger works of art and my attitude became a lot more serious. It was at that time that I started uploading my work to the internet on a large scale. Shortly after I got contacted by my first client- a relatively large media company from Canada. By then I was only 14 years old and I had no idea what to expect but I was so proud of it. . .


A few years later I joined the Behance Network and that was the moment that really changed my life. By then I had only worked for this one client in Canada and a few small ones in the Netherlands. Once I had uploaded all of my work to this great network, clients started rolling in, and I Realized that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Even the Jobs section had suddenly benefited me greatly; I applied for a freelance job at Diesel. It took them a year to respond and I already had forgotten my application, however, once they replied, I was so excited to start working for them. Since then, things have changed so quickly, my dreams of becoming a chef had changed into becoming a renowned artist. I have now worked for some of the biggest brands on this planet like Pepsi, HardRock Cafe, Tiger Beer and more. Also, my work has been part of some amazing campaigns by Adobe and I’m now represented by a few illustration agencies. . .”

Mart’s work can bee seen here.

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