Behance Member Testimonials: September 2014 Update

As many Behance members know, being Featured by our curation team is a hard feat to achieve! Our Curators (there are two of them!) look at thousands of projects every day and pick the best of the best. We’ve recently started reaching out to our Featured Members to hear about their experience using Behance and here’s what a few have had to say:

“It’s an honour for me to be 
featured on the website that I love and respect the most, being featured 
among these amazing works is one huge acheivment for me. I got the email 
while I was playing with my 3 month baby girl! So you can imagine that I 
was already feeling awesome, but when I got your email the feeling just 

Oasim Karmieh, Brasov, Romania


“Thanks for choosing my project, it is highly appreciated. 
I would also want to congratulate you for the job you are doing on behance, 
you are certainly enhancing the industry. I would special mention the way 
projects are displayed, the rigorous treatment provided to all users and 
the great network built over the years. 
It is being a great experience!”

Lucas Gil-Turner, Madrid, Spain


“Just wanted to say thanks for all your interest in our projects. It feels 
really rewarding and exciting to receive feature notifications from you. 
Our Behance experience has definitely led us to work our way through 
translating our projects into satisfactory presentations. It also taught us 
to pay attention to the fact that a good idea is not enough, which we bear 
in mind in every graphic realization. Plus having the chance to learn about 
new great designers and their work every day! All in all, so far being a 
Behance member has allowed us to grow and improve a lot.  Cheers! 

David & Martyna, Poznań, Poland


“Behance is my favorite online creative community.

It’s a place I can go to see the awesome things creatives can come up with in my field and other fields.  I can visit the site to showcase my work to a wide audience. I can even ask for feedback on work through the work in progress post feature. Behance connects the world’s makers and that is super awesome. It’s an online creative gallery I can visit at any time.

As far as my career goes, I have been contacted in the past by potential 
employers through Behance exclusively. The time I was contacted, I was 
asked to do some animated (kinetic) typography for a summer ad campaign. I 
think it’s good that an employer would choose Behance to look for somebody 
to do the job they want.”

Dustin Cytacki, Detroit, Michigan, United States




Be sure to stay tuned for more Behance member testimonials! Have your own?  Let us know! 

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