Most Appreciated Projects: Monthly Roundup

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network, so that the best projects gain the most exposure. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated projects on Behance this month:

Most Appreciated Behance
Imagine a world where boring headshot portraits were replaced by something this epicThe Ars Thanea team created these portraits of their staff for the new website using “soaking colors, deep saturation, and a lot of magical dust.” They said: “we didn’t plan how to use these portraits, we just wanted to do it. So we did. A beautiful day, great energy, absolutely worth it. Just for fun.” Here’s to creating for the fun of it in 2015!

Behance Most Appreciated
Alphabet of the Countries
presents 25 hand letter logotypes, each representing a country (starting with A for Australia, B for Belgium, etc). We love this mashup of a branding and typography concept! If you can’t find your country’s “logo,” Pavel Zertsikel (of Russia), promises future editions ahead.



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