This week, Photoshop celebrated a huge milestone with it’s 25th Anniversary.  We’re super proud to be part of the Adobe family and play a part in the incredible legacy Photoshop has already created.  Below are some of our favorite Behance Projects, videos, and articles about the big day.

First, a great video with tons of work created with Photoshop:

Next, lets check out some of the work featured in that video and showcased on Behance:

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 11.43.46 AM


This article on recode, written by Thomas Knoll, Co-Creator of Adobe Photoshop, provides a great history lesson on the development of Photoshop as well as a shoutout to Behance and it’s members who “use Photoshop in ways that I wouldn’t begin to know how to mimic.”



Lastly, a great NYTimes piece about how Photoshop has changed the world and has been able to adapt with it in recent years “Adobe hopes to democratize access, gaining new users who, in the past, wouldn’t have been able to afford $700 software.”



Looking for more Photoshop 25 updates?  Check out all the updates on


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