July 23, 2010

Captivate 4-Text to Speech Agents installer

You can download captivate 4 – Text to Speech agents from following link.

Posted by Sunil Muthiyan5:04 PM
  • Nice piece of software, but can someone tell me the difference between this one and the loquendo?

  • L Warwar

    I successfully downloaded so have the NeoSpeech Text to Speech Voices folder; however, there is not a Captivate4_neospeech.exe file. What I see in the folder is a 476K Captivate 4 NeoSpeech cp file?!? Please advise what my next step should be…please and thank you!

  • Jennifer Poore

    Does anyone know if adobe has other speach agents for purchase (besides Kate & Paul)? Or if there are other companies out there that offer other speach agents?

  • Polly

    Is there any way to download or purchase an additional voice for Captivate 4?

    • Polly, in Cp5 voices are integrated into the SAPI (System Speech API) so they integrate with all the normal system voices. AFAIK this doesn’t happen in Cp4 so I don’t think you can add your own voices to Captivate 4.

  • Dina

    I had Adobe Captivate installed by the local IT. they can not figure out where to find the loquendo/neo-speech tts. (since they only work with installation folders) please advise where can I find/how can i download tts for Adobe Captivate 5?

  • Caterina Pryde

    Sometimes I truly have the feeling that Adobe -indeed, many major sw firms- do not understand how it works. I work in a regulated health care environment. I cannot just choose to start using the new version; it must go through a complete validation before it is considered for use. This is true for all new sw, and a product that’s been out for 6, 9 months at most is far too new for the regulated processes. This is standard for all regulated industries, and at many companies I have been with. Hiding the links for a previous version as soon as the new one comes, and referring everyone to use the new one to solve problems, it just frustrates me.

  • Diana

    does anyone know if adobe has a spanish voice for Cativate 4 and where I could get it?

  • Mskaron

    i need to upgrade to captivate 4, can’t go to five yet. I have to stay on the same level my coworkers are on.

  • Sushmita Devisetty

    Even after running the Captivate4_Neospeech.exe, I get an error while trying to run the Neo speech progress bar which says ” Run the captivate4_neospeech.exe to install neospeechprogress to speech. Please help

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