October 10, 2011

Quizzing in Adobe Captivate – Interesting Basics (Part 2)

In my previous blog post on Captivate basics, we discussed how the quiz scope works, how to control the question slides through preferences and how to play around with shuffle option to make the quiz more interesting. In this post we will see a few more options, often hidden inside Properties Inspector.

It’s feedback time…

Many times we want to let the learners know why an answer option is correct or incorrect(If we want to be good teachers :)…) Captivate provides an easy option to do this through ‘Advanced Answer Option’. When we select each answer, the properties for that answer has an option called the Advanced Answer Option. By enabling this option, we get to choose specific action for each option. If you are good with Continue action, then leave it as it is. But make sure you check ‘Show Feedback Message’ and that brings up answer feedback caption for each option. You can modify these captions to provide customized feedback for each option. I’ve seen many people missing this because it is not part of Quiz Properties, hope you won’t miss it 🙂

Multiple Attempts? What’s that?

How many times in life have we thought about a second chance? I can hear some sighs there 🙂 Not sure about life but it can surely happen in Captivate quizzes. This can be done in two ways and it can surely be confusing for some of us. We can either allow multiple attempts at question level or quiz level. At question level, just increase the number of attempts in the Quiz Properties panel for each question slide. By enabling multiple attempts at question level, the learner will not be able to go to the next slide till he either exhaust his number of attempts or answers the question correctly.

For enabling multiple attempts at quiz level, go to Preferences>Quiz>Pass or Fail and increase the number of attempts. Make sure to check the ‘Show Retake Button’. By doing this, learners can retake the quiz by clicking the Retake button on the Results slide. Of course, we have an option to associate an action as well for the last attempt but I don’t want to confuse you with that now 🙂

It’s time out!!!

You must have seen quizzes with time limit to answer each question. Adding this functionality in Captivate is a cake walk. There is an option in Quiz Properties panel for question slides, called ‘Time Limit’  under the Options category. Check this option and specify the time limit. If the learner is not able to answer the question within the specified time limit, the question is marked as incorrect and the control is moved to the next question. I feel this is a great option to have if we want to keep our learners on their toes… what do you think?

Hope these tips were helpful!

Posted by Vish9:33 PM
  • Jon Dell

    OK, so how would I be able to allow the user to return to the set-up slide right before the beginning of thefinal quiz where they can choose to retake the quiz or go back into th program to review content?

  • Drewvy

    I am not able to get multiple attemps to work. After you choose the incorrect option, the Advanced Feedback displays. Then, whether you choose another choice, or Clear, the Quiz slide continues and advances to the next slide. I want the users to only move on after they choose the correct answer. I am using version 5.5.

    Thanks, Drew

  • steppiboom

    everything works when i play the swf file, but when i connect it to flash and publish, the results area does not reveal scores. what could be wrong?

  • Jean Townsend

    I want the quiz to move to the next slide regardless of whether it is answered correctly or incorrectly. In 7.0, I have selected the “Go to next slide” option in the Quiz Properties tab with no success. How can I make this happen? I believe this option has worked in previous versions of Captivate.

    • Sue Meehan

      I am having the same problem. Did you find a resolution for this?

  • Lisa M. Matthews

    I see this discussion is a bit old but I will ask anyway. I would like the feedback to show after the students have taken the quiz and are reviewing it. It would be basic remediation. Is this possible?

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Yes Lisa, it’s possible now with Captivate 7.0.1 where you have access to the InReviewMode variable. You can write an advanced action to show/hide objects when the learner is viewing quiz questions in review mode. Here’s a short tutorial on how to use the variable: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYFLsQeURYw#t=40

      • Lisa M. Matthews

        I wanted to thanks for quick response! It worked great!
        I have another question now that I will post separately.

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