October 12, 2011

The new Adobe Captivate forum

Our community has embraced social media with gusto, and in the last year this has presented some interesting challenges- for one, the number of forums and sites discussing Captivate related threads have multiplied. While this allowed our users to seek answers in the forum they felt most comfortable in, it also meant that you were missing out on some great discussions happening elsewhere.
Introducing http://captivate.adobe.com : Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing the groundwork to transition our Captivate forum from the current set-up on adobe.com to a more ‘search and social-media friendly’ portal on getsatisfaction.com. This new portal will aggregate discussions from across various forums and enable this community to grow their social media profiles as they participate in these threads across the web.

Use this new forum to seek answers or clarifications from the community, to share an idea or to propose an enhancement for the next version, to seek solutions to a problem you are facing, and even to tell us what makes you happy about this product and the community! The forum is managed by our community champions, the product team, and our customer support staff. We’ll strive to respond to your queries within 24 hrs. You can start today- sign in using your facebook or twitter profiles, or even your gmail or windows live profiles . Very soon, we will also offer a sign-in option using your adobe.com IDs.

More detail on how your social media participation will be integrated with this forum:
Facebook: All discussions on this forum will be reflected on the Captivate Facebook page. And in turn, you can also ask questions directly from the Captivate facebook page- the same will be answered by this community.
Twitter: An aggregated feed of all Captivate related discussions will appear in the twitter tab on this forum. Community members can then respond to the tweets from within this forum in a meaningful manner. These responses and discussion threads will then be available for future reference in an easy-to-search manner.

Twitter feed

Twitter feed

You could also tweet about any topic being discussed within the forum to draw more attention to the discussion.

tweet button

tweet button

Blog: You can also access this forum, search thru the threads and participate in the discussions by accessing the ‘feedback’ tab on our blog

Blog integration

Blog integration

Other key features:
The forum has a great integrated search feature- just type in your question or problem into the window, and click ‘continue’. Before posting your question, the forum displays a list of discussion threads that possibly answer your question. If you do not find an answer, you can go ahead and post this new question.

Search before posting

Search before posting

Email notifications: You can choose to receive email alerts for all discussions you are participating in. You can even choose to receive email alerts for every new discussion thread on this forum- to do this, go to this URL http://captivate.adobe.com/captivate/products/captivate_adobe_captivate and click on the ‘Follow’ button.

Email notifications

Email notifications

The plan is to run both the forums simultaneously for a short while before transitioning completely to this new set-up.

Posted by Shameer Ayyappan1:49 PM
  • Dostrunia

    I am looking for the User Dictionary Engine that will work for Captivate 5.5.

    I have the one for 4.0 and it worked great for 4.0, but does not work for 5.5.
    Is there another download USERDICENG file that I need?

  • Bonitafwilliams

    i just installed captivate 5.5. I have two problems: This is the first time that I am attempting to post to the forum. 1) The ‘old’ forum is not providing a way to post a question. I am logged in (the system greets me with my first name); and the 2) new forum on getsatisfaction (has one post and a note saying that the transition to the new location hasn’t occurred yet).

  • HCampbell

    Tab does not work the first time it is invoked. It requires pressing Tab twice. On all subsequence screen where Tab is invoked, it works with one click. How can I make it work with one click the first time it is invoked?

  • Entrepreneur Wannabe


    (1) Using Adobe Captivate, Can I create an educational CDs (executable), License the CD, generate product key (specific to user’s MAC address) ??

    Can anyone please provide details on how to proceed ?


    email: entrepreneur.wannabe@gmail.com

  • Fred

    I was wondering if anyone would know about, or possibly be able to point me in the right direction.

    Any information about being able to track USAGE from a module OUTSIDE of a Learning Management System.

    basically i guess like a view tracker type instrument, yet has to be able to do it outside of the LMS.

  • JimLeichliter

    Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for the Adobe Captivate Team hearing our concerns and responding so quickly. This common aggregated forum will reinforce and strengthen the Cp community in so many ways. I’m also glad to hear that we’ll have the support from Adobe on the forums which will really help the volunteers who’ve giving their time and resources. Congrats and thank you!

  • Nalini

    Hi, I recently transferred my license to Mac and started using it. While recording a project, irrespective of the project size I specify and capture, the output blows up the captured output giving an unexpected result. I am just unable to debug this issue. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

  • CA

    Planning to sell a project online through website. however, i dont want viewers to download the project. If project is published in html5, is it secure or user can still download the project?? can anyone guide me?? thank you….

  • Susan Barton

    I use Adobe Digital Editions to download my library books. I find this a very good program and easy to manage apart from one important feature. I check the status of my lending period whilst reading a book as the loan period is for three weeks or 21 days. I would be unhappy to find that my book had disappeared into the ether before I’d finished it. I would like to see an actual return date in the status column rather than how many weeks are left, especially as the weeks are rounded down to whole weeks rather than showing weeks and days.

  • Luis

    Can anyone post how to change the color of a button (not the text) in adobe captivate 8?

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