March 13, 2012

Another chance to win an iPad 3!! Scenario-Training Contest…

After the successful HTML5 contest for Adobe Captivate on our Facebook Page, we’re launching a global contest for the best Scenario-based training content created using Adobe Captivate. This contest is live now on our Facebook page.

Contest Rules:

  1. Upload any scenario-based course created using Adobe Captivate. For examples of scenario-based courses, visit or
  2. Publish the content as a Flash SWF file. In Captivate’s output options check both the ‘zip file’ and ‘export to HTML’ options.
  3. Any content that is considered inappropriate and reflects badly on the Adobe brand will be removed
  4. Entries will be evaluated based on; application of eLearning and Instructional Design principles, overall aesthetic appeal, use of interaction to create a plausible and relevant scenario (given the selected topic) and use of Adobe Captivate’s features (Advanced Actions, Interactions, Media etc.)
  5. An individual can submit multiple entries.


  1. Two winners will be chosen. Each will receive the new Third Generation 32 GB iPad (WiFi)
    One winner will be based on the number of ‘Likes’ he/ she receives. So ensure that you not only create some awesome content, but also drum up some support for your content.
    The other winner would be chosen by a panel of judges. To find the very best, we have assembled an amazing panel of judges that features experts in interactive learning design and training. The panel will be asked to judge the finalists according to creativity, quality of implementation and fit with the contest theme. Judges: Lieve Weymeis, Christy Tucker, Allen Partridge, and Joe Ganci.
  2. Have Questions or Need Help? Post on our Facebook Page or email


Contest Start Date: 13th March 2012
Contest End Date: 13th April 2012
We will announce the winners in the fourth week of April 2012

Need some ideas? My blog post on creating Scenario-based content might come in handy here :)

So… what are waiting for? Have fun while creating the content, upload it and keep your fingers crossed for the new iPad3 :)

Posted by Vish6:08 PM
  • tech

    ipad 3 is another great product of apple. i would like

    to buy one.

  • Alexanderpaull

    i think i would improve my lifestyle with an ipad 3-awesome!

  • Craigtaylor1974

    Slightly inappropriate image, don’t you think?

  • Chris

    agreed – the image should be replaced – unless you are looking for pedo entries

  • IPad_Man

    Funny – Publish in Flash format and the iPad cannot not read it…

  • Andrea Visentin

    is a problem if the course is in italian? or must be in english???

  • dinora bonilla

    omg omg i really want to win:)))

  • nora:)

    i really dont have a ipad im veryy sad my friend have them that sad i cant afford it but i wish i winnnnnnnnnnn!

  • Mariana Martins Lopes

    I submitted a module yesterday and it haven’t yet been published, is there any problem?
    Thanks, Mariana

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