July 5, 2012

The new #AdobeCaptivate Upgrade Plan- exclusive access to feature updates

The new subscription plan that we introduced has been received with a lot of enthusiasm, and has been heralded as a possible game changer in our eLearning industry. One of the key drivers for this pricing model was that- in today’s environment, technology and market changes happen way too rapidly for customers to be satisfied with an 18 month release cycle. Going forward, Captivate, Presenter and eLearning Suite will have much more frequent releases. With this in perspective, the subscription pricing model makes it possible for our customers to stay on the latest versions and leverage the new features and enhancements, without requiring a new purchase decision.

While the subscription pricing model suits many of our retail customers, Captivate is also hugely popular among large enterprises, government and educational institutions. Procurement policies in these segments prevent many of them from adopting a subscription plan. To help this group adopt and transition to a phase where our products will see frequent updates, we’ve enhanced our Upgrade Plan offering.

The Adobe Upgrade Plan ensures that you are always using the latest Adobe technology without straining your software budgets or administrative resources. This program offers your organization immediate access to all product upgrades for the length of your coverage period. For example, at $US 135 in the US, a one-year Upgrade-plan membership is priced at 15% of the full-product price and provides you access to all Adobe Captivate upgrades (including major releases) that occur during this period. A terrific value since non-members may pay up to 60% of the full-product price for an upgrade.

Going forward, while the bug fix updates/ patches will be offered to all customers automatically, feature updates and enhancements made between major releases will be offered exclusively to customers on either the Upgrade Plan or Subscription.

More details on the Adobe Upgrade Plan can be found here.

Posted by Shameer Ayyappan11:47 PM
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  • http://www.coofluence.com/ coofluence

    We just upgraded from Captivate 5 to 6. The subscription model transition that Adobe is pushing us towards can be a bit more fair. Now that we have invested in Captivate 6, do we pay even more to get expected upgrades or fixes until the next major version arrives? If this one year upgrade was the path to subscription model, why wasn’t it released with the Captivate 6 upgrade release itself? Now that we have bought it, we are supposed to pay another $135! Phew.

    Better would be that Adobe stops selling upgrade versions and asks all of us to join the subscription model. This will be far less confusing, but then revenue from any source can’t be ignored in business!

    • http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate Shameer Ayyappan

      Hi, Individual license holders will receive all #AdobeCaptivate bug fix patches/ updates free of cost. It is only the updates with new features that we introduce between major versions that would be exclusive to customers on the Subscription Plan or Upgrade Plan.
      Getting on the Upgrade Plan is optional. I wrote this post to highlight that it is much more attractively priced compared to purchasing upgrades- version on version.

  • http://twitter.com/PTSBregenz PTS Bregenz

    For me this upgrade plan is unclear.
    If I have for example Captivate 5.5 and want to get future upgrades I have to pay $359 for Captivate 6 plus $135, right?

    • http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate Shameer Ayyappan

      Hi Christian, you can only purchase an #AdobeCaptivate upgrade plan when you are on a current version. If you are on Captivate 5.5 and want Cp6, you need to pay $359 and upgrade. If you then purchase the upgrade plan, you will receive any upgrade (Cp6.X, Cp7, etc.) that occurs during the plan period, free of cost.

      • http://twitter.com/PTSBregenz PTS Bregenz

        Thanks, Shameer, for clearing this.

      • Doug

        Hi Shameer, a couple of questions
        1.does the upgrade plan automatically renew each year?
        2.do you have to pay the upgrade plan when you upgrade the product or anytime before next release of the product?
        3.if you stop subscribing to the upgrade plan can you still use the last version received?
        4.will this be available for Elearning Suite 6?
        Sorry for the number of questions, but this concept is new

        • http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate Shameer Ayyappan

          Hi Doug, the #AdobeCaptivate Upgrade Plan doesn’t renew automatically each year. You have to explicitly renew it (you will receive reminders).
          2. You can purchase the upgrade plan anytime before the next release; but you have to pay retrospectively from the duration of your product purchase (so, if you purchased the upgrade plan 4 months after your product purchase, you have to still pay for the elapsed 4 months).
          3. Yes, this is a perpetual license. You can use the last version received, even after your Upgrade Plan expires.
          4. Yes, this will be available for eLearning Suite 6.

  • Admin

    I am really confused
    whats the difference between this and volume license plans and volume license maintenace ?

    • http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate Shameer Ayyappan

      Hi, this is the same as the Maintenance Program in Adobe Volume Licensing.

  • Jaroslav Verlik

    Dear Adobe, I just WAIT for eLearningSuite 6, so I can upgrade my eLS v.2,5. I used trial CP6 for my projects and today I have 3 days left of trial period. Why I used trial? Because neerly three weeks before, Adobe team sad me, that eLS6 is comming ,,VERY SO ON”. Now it is too late and all my projects using CP6 I can since monday stop. Thanks, gentlemen! Good job!

    • http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate Shameer Ayyappan

      Hi Jaroslav, eLS 6 will be available very soon. Would you like our inside-sales rep to contact you with options?

  • c_belov

    Hello, Shameer Ayyappan. I ve got eLearning Suite 2.5. Will I get updated version of this suite with my Existing License? And do I have to redownload esd to have include all new package?

    • http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate Shameer Ayyappan

      Hi, customers with a currently valid Upgrade Plan will receive all #eLS updates and any new versions that are released during the Upgrade Plan period. More details can be found here: http://www.adobe.com/products/captivate/improved-upgrade.html You can also contact our licensing specialists to help you with the same: Call +1-877-687-1520

  • Mike

    Why can’t captivate be added to the creative cloud? It would simplify a lot of billing and all the other tools from elearning suite are there already

  • George Phillips

    While it’s disappointing to hear that this will only apply if you have the current version at the time of purchase (i.e. it doesn’t help those who recently purchased 5.5), it is still very heartening to know that Adobe has listened to my and others feedback on this issue, so thank you and well done.

  • http://isolthai.com/ rujvelt

    Just want to upgrade from adobe captivate 5 to 6, so if i upgrade with this, we also need to pay more $135!

    • http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate Shameer Ayyappan

      Hi rujvelt, purchasing the #AdobeCaptivate Upgrade Plan is optional. You can upgrade from Cp5 to Cp6 for $359. If you choose to purchase this upgrade along with the Upgrade Plan, then it will cost you an additional $135. This then entitles you to all future upgrades that occur during the plan period.

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