November 30, 2012

New Workflow App for Captivate

Hey Captivate Developers , Have you ever wondered..

1. How to bring in beautiful HTML animations created using various tools inside a Captivate course?

2.How to publish your courses as Native Apps to various devices and platforms like Android and iOS ?

I am sure some of you would have tried either one of the above and have hopefully succeeded in the hard way . We have just made things easy for you by creating a cross platform APP which enriches Captivate  HTML 5 content by embedding of animations created in Adobe Edge animate or any HTML 5 authoring tool and also packages the courses as native apps for multiple devices and platforms using Adobe Phone Gap Service. The unique feature of this app is one click publish  as Metro App for Windows 8 . Please watch the video below and find out how cool the App is . The beta is just around the corner and if you want to participate  please send a quick note to me –



Posted by Suresh Jayaraman12:59 PM
  • Great blog post!

  • Wow…this tool is really cool 😉

  • Looking forward to using this.

  • Maria Lorna Kunnath

    how do I get the app

  • Love this! Can’t wait!

  • daw222

    Very, very cool. But I need much more information “step by step” how it works

  • Very nice!

  • nash

    Could you please explain me the steps.I am confusing with the video.Is that captivate or some other Adobe programme?

  • Robbie Coombs

    nash, this is a demonstration of an app that is separate to Captivate. The app will allow you to open your Captivate file, then import HTML5 animations into your Captivate project. So just to be clear, this app is separate to Captivate, but it will open Captivate files with the purpose of enabling you to import HTML5 animations inside of your project.

    The app also allows you to turn your Captivate file into a native phone app using PhoneGap.

    I hope that is clear,
    Robbie C

  • Adobe Cp Man

    Thanks for sharing this info.

  • Anon

    For subscription only, are you kidding? Maybe if this was rolled into CC, but Captivate is treated as a standalone product.

  • Is there any way to bring in an Adobe Edge animation in Captivate 7 and publish the final output as a SWF? Thanks to your video, I know how to publish to HTML5, but I need to publish to SWF so that I can do tracking to my LRS (or at least I think I do).

  • jamal haykal

    I have a query about inject Adobe edge with captivate, i would like to build(coding) a navigation controller in Adobe Edge (Next , back , mute, …. and replay), I tried to embed the content using Adobe captivate packager , so how to control the content in Adobe captivate within (controller ) Adobe Edge. or is it possible to be done ?

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