May 10, 2013

Training: Interactive eLearning and Adobe Captivate 7

Topic: Interactive eLearning and Adobe Captivate 7

Date and time: Thursday, 6th June, 2013 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific

Description: Interactions add life to eLearning courses by making it engaging for the learners. It helps learners actively participate in the course and hence improves learning and retention. Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh and Vish as they show you how to transform the drab content screens to interactive eLearning courses in a few simple steps. They will also demonstrate how you can easily publish these courses to HTML5 and/or apps for mobile consumption. Don’t miss it!

Recording Link

Posted by poojajaisingh12:29 PM
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  • Z

    Registration link doesn’t seem to work.

    • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

      Try accessing the link from a different browser.

      • M McG

        Hi, I wasn’t sure how else to contact you for your help. I’d like to launch a URL to open a webpage from within captivate and have it open in a completely new window with a predefined window size. If I select the – Open URL or file with the New option- it will launch the webpage in a new tab which is the same size as the currently open browser. Is there a tutorial anywhere that can help me out with the scripting required to achieve this, I’m currently using Captivate 5.

        • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

          You can use the Web Page Interaction in Captivate 7 for this workflow. Watch this short tutorial for details:

          • Rob

            is it possible to continue the slideshow on the website?
            I want to explain a whole Website, but doing it with the way I know would take lots of hours of work, which I’d like to avoid.

      • Ben

        Hi Pooja,
        Sorry this link isn’t working in either Crome or Firefox. Definitely a error with the recording link.

        • Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

          Thanks for reporting the issue Ben. The recording link was broken. I’ve replaced it with a new link. Please let me know if you’re still not able to watch the recorded session.


          • Ben

            all good now Pooja.
            Thanks for the quick response.

  • jim

    I am running Captivate Is this the latest v6? When I run the Updater under the Help menu, it indicates no option for updating Captovate, but it does give me the error code U44M1P7 when trying to update the Extension manager. Any thoughts on these issues?

  • Patricia Ziegler

    I have Captivate 7 and I cannot get the Web object interaction or the YouTube interactions to work for me at all! When I try to preview it, all I see is a white screen. I hope you can help. I do notice that in the properties widget panel the source says :Not available under animation. Thanks so much

    • Sankaram

      Can you publish the project and view from LMS or webserver let us know whether these interactions works fine?

      • Patricia Ziegler

        Thanks for answering. No I cannot publish it to a webserver via html or pdf format. I’m not sure what is wrong. It’s a great feature and I would like to be able to use it!

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