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January 21, 2014 /General /

A Simple Way to Relocate Connect Folders

For On-Premise Installations Only

If you have installed Connect with the default configuration, it is possible that you installed with the default configuration where all Connect folders are on C:

However, if you later want to move some (or all) of the Connect folders to a different drive, then you run into the issue of having to find all of the configuration locations in custom.ini and in the database that reference the folder locations, and this could be difficult to manage.

An alternate option is to use the NTFS symbolic link feature. This way, you would move the folders, then create symbolic links in the old locations, and you would not need to modify the Connect configuration in any way. A side benefit of this method is that if you are running in a clustered environment, you can update each server one at a time without having to take the entire cluster down.

To create a link, you would use the mklink command in a command window.

Let’s say, for instance, that you have installed a new hard drive as D: and want to move the content and logs folders from C: to D:, here’s one way you might perform this task.

  1.  Shut down the Connect service
  2. Create d:\breeze folder
  3. Move the c:\breeze\content and c:\breeze\logs folders to d:\breeze
  4. Open a command prompt window and run these two commands:
    mklink /d c:\breeze\content d:\breeze\content
    mklink /d c:\breeze\logs d:\breeze\logs
  5. Restart the Connect services

As with any system modification, it is always advisable to run these changes in a staging environment first before implementing in your production environment.

If you want to move the folders back to their original locations, you can follow these steps:

  1. Shut down the Connect services
  2. Open a command prompt window and run these two commands:
    rmdir c:\breeze\content
    rmdir c:\breeze\logs
  3. Move the d:\breeze\content and d:\breeze\logs folders to c:\breeze
  4. Delete the d:\breeze folder
  5. Restart the Connect services