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August 19, 2012 /General /SSL /

Adobe Connect 8 unusual Firefox script errors

Problem :

My Adobe Connect site keeps displaying unusual javascript code or errors. Randomly, the images & content does gets partially loaded, but none of the links are usable. I am unable to browse my site or do anything on the server. I have tried all the latest browsers FF 11 & later, Chrome, IE9.

Reason :

If you’ve recently upgraded your Adobe Connect server to version 8 & you’re still continuing to use the legacy method to implement ssl through adaptor.xml, you are very likely to run into this issue, with the latest browser updates.

Solution :

Use Stunnel, the recommended and supported method, to secure your Adobe Connect 8 server. Stunnel comes with a support for the latest Openssl libraries and thus has compatibility, across all latest browser versions.

Adobe Connect has dropped support for the old method, configuring ssl through adaptor.xml. Adobe recommends users to start using Stunnel, which comes bundled with Connect 8 install, a more pertinent way to secure your server; & avoid running into any abnormal issues.

If you would like to know the steps to configure Stunnel, you may simply refer the following knowledge base article :

Note : Contact Adobe Support if you come across any issues while setting this up.

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