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Adobe Connect Meeting Application MSI Installer for IT Administrators

The Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates page offers four download options for the Adobe Connect Meeting Application:

The first two are lightweight options that install to the users profile and thereby require a lower level of permissions than does the full standalone executable installer.

The MSI installer replaces the legacy Adobe Connect Meeting Addin Checker and empowers network administrators to push the Adobe Connect Meeting Application into an enterprise and manage it. It works differently than the other installers in that it installs an application that monitors the Adobe Connect Meeting user’s folder and installs the Adobe Connect Meeting Application upon login.

The MSI will display two icons under Programs and Features and uninstalling the MSI will only remove the capability of installing the Meeting Application and not the actual Meeting Application itself.

Sometimes the existence of the second icon can be confusing.

If there are any issues reported by end users invoking the Adobe Connect Meeting Application after the MSI is deployed, the places to look are the following:

Check if the Application is installed correctly by confirming that the following files are present in correct locations

  1. In the folder %appdata%\Macromedia\FlashPlayer\\bin\adobeconnectaddin”
    • adobeconnectaddin.exe
    • digest.s
  2. In the Folder %appdata%\Adobe\Connect
    • connect.exe

The First component is used for compatibility with Flash Player. In case the First component is present but the second component is missing, verify the existence of a log file named “InstallLog.log” in the first folder.

If the files are all there in place, then possibly any issues with the invocation of the Connect Meeting Application could result from Flash not being able to recognize the installation, read the files and validate it. This could be caused by profiles or permissions or possibly antivirus software or even possibly because the path is being mapped to a remote drive with latency and Flash is failing with an error while trying to validate the Meeting Application.

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