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October 17, 2013 /Meeting /XML API /

API Change in 9.1 for Report-Meeting-Attendance-Details

Stemming from a previous known issue which was corrected in 9.1, we have made a change to one specific API call for reporting meeting session information.

Previously in Adobe Connect 9.0.4, the two APIs “report-meeting-sessions” and “report-meeting-attendance-details” used completely different queries, and returned different results in many legitimate use cases.

The goal was to reconcile them by making sure that the “num_participants” value returned by the former matches the number of entries returned by the latter.

The change consisted of using the main query used by report-meeting-sessions as the inside/main query for report-meeting-attendance-details as well. Previously, this was not the case, and the two queries were completely different.

However, in the course of making this change, one change was required in the report-meeting-sessions query itself in order to ensure that the numbers are in alignment.

The changes are detailed below.

report-meeting-sessions: the query has been modified slightly to return unique transcript IDs; in the vast majority of cases, this will not make a difference – however, if the same user gets a different transcript ID (e.g., if there are multiple user instances) then these will be counted as two separate user instances.

report-meeting-attendance-details: the main query in use here is now identical to the one used for report-meeting-sessions. Consequently, the number of entries returned here will be identical to the “num-participants” returned by the report-meeting-sessions API above. In addition to the fields returned earlier, this API now also returns session_date_created and session_date_end indicating when the meeting session itself started and ended.

Note that, in either case, passing ‘&report-version=deprecated’ as a separate parameter with the URL will bypass these changes and retain the older form of both these queries, should you need the calls to work as they previously did in prior Adobe Connect versions.

Specifically, if you are looking for each individual ‘start’ and ‘end’ time of a user’s session with the ‘report-meeting-attendance-details‘ API call in Adobe Connect 9.1 you need to append the ‘&report-version=deprecated‘ to the end of the call.  Otherwise, you will get the start and end time of the meeting session itself and not the user  session start/end times.

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