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Updated January 24, 2019
January 17, 2019 /Content /General /Meeting /

BUG fixes in Adobe connect 10.1.1

UPDATE: Adobe Connect 10.1.1 was deployed to hosted customers on January 24, 2019

PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: There are several issues related to content uploaded to Adobe Connect meetings and training which are fixed in Adobe Connect 10.1.1:


  • Adobe Connect Hosted/on-premise
  • Adobe connect version 10.1.0

(NOTE: Users may need to re-upload the content uploaded from Adobe Presenter for it to be fixed post 10.1.0 upgrade)

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  • By ken Williamson - 4:35 PM on January 22, 2019  


    Being able to display PPT with animations during webinars seems to be an basic requirement.
    Without this, most users of Adobe Connect hosted 10.1.0 version will face deep difficulties.
    Do you have any idea of this next 10.1.1 version availability ?
    If not, do you have any plan to come back to the previous hosted version in the meantime ?

    Note: Adobe Presenter 11.1, the last version of Presenter, doesn’t seem to be a turn around. Once the presenter file is uploaded into an Adobe Connect Module, it makes the seminar room crash (Adobe Connect Hosted – V 10.1.0).
    It’s really confusing as presenter is supposed to bring additional value to Adobe Connect.

    • By Kevin - 1:55 AM on January 24, 2019  

      The 10.1.1 patch to resolve this issue is scheduled to be deployed on January 24, 2019.