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Cameras not detected in Adobe Connect when using Big Sur OS

Congratulations to Apple on the latest Macintosh operating system ‘Big Sur’ – there are a lot of fantastic improvements. However one issue has arisen for Adobe Connect users that required an update to out Adobe Connect Meeting Application for Mac Clients. The prior Adobe Connect application for the Mac (version 2020.6.7 and earlier) cannot detect any cameras, including the built-in FaceTime cameras in MacBooks, when used with the Big Sur OS.

The team has fixed the issue and formally released a new application; if you have installed the Big Sur OS and need to share your camera, please download the latest Adobe Connect Meeting Application for Mac clients, version 2020.10.3, posted 18-Nov-2020. There’s no need to install this version until you have installed Big Sur.

Click here to download Adobe Connect for Mac OS Big Sur – version 2020.10.3, posted 18-Nov-2020

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