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How to Change the Default Connect Guest Login Screen

Purpose: Learn how to change the default Connect login screen from highlighting the Guest Login option to highlighting the Registered User Login option as shown:

Default login screen option is Guest:

Customized to highlight the registered user login:

Environment: On-premise Connect servers.


  • Backup and edit \appserv\apps\system\login.xsl
  • Edit the following code block by changing selChooser=0 to selChooser=1:

<xsl:when test=”/results/params/param[@name=’radio-button-sel’]=’1′ or /results/reg-user/is-reg-user=’true'”>
var selChooser=1;
var selChooser=0;

  • Save the Login.xsl file and cycle the Connect and Adobe Media Server  Services

  • Test the new default Connect Login Page


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  • By Martin - 10:31 PM on January 23, 2017  

    Hi Frank, I appreciate your path for better login procedure very much. Is there an opportunity to generate the same login procedure for the hosted application? Or is there someone else who has a tricky idea…
    Best regards,