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Connect On-Premise Installer for 9.1.1 on the Adobe LWS – Version Questions

Issue: There was an earlier version of 9.1 that looks very similar to the current (9.1.1), but the earlier version is missing some important updates. This will be fixed with the release of Connect 9.1.2

Solution: The normal way to check the Connect version is to poll the version.txt file at any Connect account domain name. To see an example, check this Adobe Connect hosted account for one of our training partners:

The output from this shows the versions of all components of the release: package=… patch=CPS_9.1.1.55_9.1.1.59, patch=CPS_9.1.1.59_9.1hotfix.12

This normal means of checking the build will not work with the 9.1.1 released installer. See the output from its version.txt:


The version.txt is missing the patch numbers.

Workaround technique to find the version:

Look in the downloaded zip installer for versionInfo.xml

  • The date should read: 2013/09/27:08:12:57
  • The build should read:

This is valid as of the writing of this tech-note. It is safe to say that if you see a later date and build number on a full installer download, then you are not going to see this problem and your version.txt will be correct.

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