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June 6, 2018 /General /Meeting /

Flash Player 30 on some Windows 10 clients prevents the Lightning Application Installation and File Share pod Uploads

Flash Player 30 is rolling out into production on Thursday June 7th. There are two issues that are currently under scrutiny by both the Connect and Flash Player engineering teams that affect select builds of Windows 10 clients: While we  cannot reproduce these issues on Windows 10 RS4 [win10_171134.48], we can on Windows 10 build RS5 [win10_17677.1000]:

The first is a UI functionality issue affecting IE and Edge client browsers in Connect:

Steps to reproduce the UI issue in IE and Edge:

  • Create a meeting and launch it in flash.
  • Click on the drop-down button in the File Share pod
  • Try to upload and share a file locally from your client
  • Click on the ‘Browse My Computer’ button.
  • The ‘Browse My Computer’  button doesn’t work
  • A system window should open to let the user select a file from the local client

This affects specifically the following Windows 10 client browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge: 40.15063.674.0
  • Internet Explorer: 11.786.15063.0

The second issue:  The Lightning Installer for the Connect Application is not working on IE, Edge and Firefox browsers in Adobe Connect Meetings

Steps to reproduce the Lightning Installer issue:

  • Create a meeting and launch it in Flash Player 30
  • Click on Share My Screen or Help-> Install Adobe Connect Application
  • Lightning install doesn’t start as it should

Note: On the Edge browser, the Lightning pop-up appears but it cannot complete; it displays an error stating that that there is no hard disk. On IE and Mozilla the Lightning dialogue doesn’t even start.

The interim workaround for both of these issues is to install and run the Connect Meeting Application from the Connect Downloads page:

The Connect Meeting application downloads are here:

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