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June 30, 2018 /Meeting /

How to make your custom meeting template as default template

Problem Statement: How to make your custom meeting template, selected as default template on creating new meeting rooms.


  • This article is applicable only to Adobe Connect On-Premise (licensed) installations.
  • This is not applicable to Adobe Connect Hosted customers.


First, take a backup of sco_edit.xsl from <CONNECT_HOME>/appserv/apps/meeting/sco_edit.xsl on Adobe Connect server.

Next, follow the steps:-

  1. Create a new meeting using default meeting template and launch the room.
  2. End the meeting room (do not simply exit)
  3. Move the room to Shared Meetings > Shared Templates folder.
  4. append ?mode=xml to the meeting room URL (e.g.
  5. Get the source-sco-id=’xxxxx’
  6. update sco_edit.xsl by, replacing the default source-sco-id=’-8888′ with
    the source-sco-id=’xxxxx’ of the required custom template.
    Note: source-sco-id needs to be replaced at 2 locations as seen below in the snapshot
  7. Save the changes and Restart the Connect Services.
  8. If you now try creating a new meeting room, you will select the custom template selected as default.

Additional Information:

  1. If you have an existing meeting room in the shared templates folder, you may use it as a default template for newly created room.
  2. Also, get the source-sco-id, using database query-
    Select SOURCE_SCO_ID from pps_scos where sco_id= ‘1111’
    Note: ‘1111’ represents the actual Sco-ID of the meeting.