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Offline Recording Options for On-premise Connect Deployments

Issue: Versions of Adobe Connect prior to 9.5 only offer the option to download an archive recording offline as an FLV at a lower resolution output.

Solutions: There are some creative alternatives that on-premise Connect customers can try that will provide a higher quality offline recording than that offered in the standard FLV download.

1. Turn the recording into an on-demand Presentation manually using Adobe Presenter.

  • Upload a PPTX into a meeting room and record your Presentation (either live to an audience or to an empty meeting room)
  • Be sure to record audio in some manner whether VoIP or telephony.
  • Download the recording files in a zip (requires account administrator rights or ownership of the recording) append: /output/ at the end of the recording URL and save the zip file locally
  • Extract the recording zip file and pull out the  UVAudio.flv (if using UV for audio) or the MP3 if using the PGI adapter
  • Convert the UVAudio.flv to an MP3 using a conversion tool of choice.
  • Edit the MP3 file in Audition or a tool of choice as needed. You will also be able to edit it in Presenter once you have imported it but it is possible to create an individual mp3 for each slide in Audition or other audio editing tools (there are timing markers for this in the  ftcontent.xml file).
  • Import the MP3 or MP3s (depended on how you edited the audio) into Presenter using the original PowerPoint presentation as a base for editing.
  • Edit the Presentation and polish it removing any coughing or integrating questions into the actual slides, etc.
  • Upload the polished recording that is now a full-blown on-demand presentation to the Connect Content Library or Training Library, or Curriculum or Meeting room share pod for rebroadcast (perhaps with the instructor popping in at the end to answer questions live, etc.)
  • Note: You can also simply download a zip, edit it (carefully) and re upload the zip to content as well. For tips and caveats around this technique, see the tutorials on the Connect User Community website by searching on the keywords: edit recordings

2. There are other methods that may be less laborious and will also get the meeting recording offline out into a different format. There are many tools to record the screen and give you an MP4 or other output.  Changing the screen dimensions will be prudent in many cases when using a screen recording option:

3.  Re-encoding Options are also a possibility:

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  • By Tom - 8:42 PM on October 2, 2013  

    You can also use Adobe Presenter to record the original audio if you don’t have an audience, or use Adobe Presenter Video Creator to easily create an MP4 “screen cast” recording. This tool works like captivate with a simplified interface and can also include closed captioning, created by the tool.