Creative Cloud Files keyboard shortcuts

When used in combination with specific keystrokes, the View On Website context menu option for Creative Cloud Files provides special functionality that helps you resolve sync issues. We’ve created the little infographic below, so that you never have to wonder which keys to press. Go ahead—save the .jpg image to your computer, print it, and keep it handy. […]


National Geographic, eBay, Disney, and Rovio are some of the many companies that are taking their services to desktops and mobiles, with the help of apps powered by AIR. You have probably played a favorite game without knowing that it runs on AIR. The Adobe Integrated Runtime is quickly becoming the runtime environment of choice […]

Adobe Story learning paths, an experiment

Adobe Story is a professional screenwriting application that’s rich in functionality. Expectedly, different Story users use widely different feature sets on a regular basis. We recently undertook an experiment to identify the common personas using Adobe Story and design custom learning paths to make them more productive. Throughout the experiment, we were keenly aware that many […]