National Geographic, eBay, Disney, and Rovio are some of the many companies that are taking their services to desktops and mobiles, with the help of apps powered by AIR. You have probably played a favorite game without knowing that it runs on AIR. The Adobe Integrated Runtime is quickly becoming the runtime environment of choice for most app developers.

AIR for all

Desktop apps or mobile apps, what works to AIR’s advantage is its portability and ease of deployment. Developers can quickly create multi-device and cross-platform applications, keeping users engaged both online and offline. Windows, OS X, and mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, and BlackBerry Tablet OS, can all run the installable applications built on AIR. While Adobe AIR provides a robust and flexible environment, it does so without encumbering the creativity of designers.

AIR for gaming

With over 2.5 billion installations on devices across the globe, AIR has also made its mark in the ever-evolving gaming arena. Highly-interactive games can leverage hardware features, like hardware-accelerated graphics rendering, touch-screen gestures, and accelerometer, among others. The AIR SDK is available as a free standalone download for software developers who want to build AIR applications.

AIR APIs offer support for game input devices like joysticks, game pads, and multi-axis controllers while also enabling Android devices to double up as game pads. Gaming enthusiasts now have it easier with the latest version of AIR.

The Adobe AIR application, when launched, presents a host of games that can be enjoyed on your mobile devices. You can use Adobe AIR to access all your games from a single application and discover new and interesting ones.

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For all this and more, get AIR, if you haven’t already.