Authoring responsive content

Recently, I had an opportunity to present at tcworld India, one of the largest technical communication events in the country. Tom Johnson set the tone for the conference with his keynote address on the need of innovation in the technical communication industry. He highlighted how the web was acting as a platform for innovation and how important it […]

What not to do when creating infographics

You know that the human brain is visually wired, and that we process visual information 60,000 times faster than we process text. You’ve read everything about the persuasiveness of graphics, and you most certainly know all the reasons why our brains crave infographics. Now when you think you are fully prepared to infographically convey every […]

Top 5 accessibility fixes for your existing PDF documents

Adobe Acrobat Professional comes with a variety of features to make your PDF documents accessible for differently abled readers. Creating accessible documents helps achieve standards compliance and improved search results. When creating the PDF documents from the source files, you can cover the broad canvas of accessibility easily, using the various documented methods. In this […]