Getting the most out of Creative Cloud in Dreamweaver (Part II)

In the previous part, we explored how Creative Cloud can be used for collaboration and reuse of assets, and how you can keep your Dreamweaver instances synchronized using Creative Cloud. In this part, let’s explore a few other features of Creative Cloud that you can use in web designing and development.

Creative Cloud for Desktop

If you have installed Dreamweaver, you would definitely have used Creative Cloud for desktop. During the process of installing, you would have observed that this app also lets you upgrade or uninstall Dreamweaver. If you take a second look, you will find that there’s more to this app than just managing apps. You’ll see a bunch of options that connect you directly to your Creative Cloud account. So, in a way, Creative Cloud for Desktop is an interface for Creative Cloud on your desktop!

Here’s how you can leverage the most of Creative Cloud for desktop in Dreamweaver:

  •  Keep assets and libraries synced across your desktop, devices, and Creative Cloud: When you install the Creative Cloud for desktop app, the Creative Cloud Files folder is created on your computer. All assets that you drop in to this folder are immediately synced with your Creative Cloud account. Similarly, any file or asset that you upload to your Creative Cloud account is reflected in the Creative Cloud Files folder. Isn’t this as simple as working with one of your local folders?
  • Access the Creative Cloud Market for high-quality assets: Want to quickly look for a readily available image or graphic? Click ‘Market’ in the Creative Cloud for desktop app and download any available asset.  You can also tweak the images and build on them further to suit your requirement.No attribution, licensing, usage tracking, or royalty payments!
  •  Discover assets or showcase your work in the online community (Behance): Get complete access to the Behance creative community through the app. Follow your favorite people in the community, get inspired by their work, or share your work and seek feedback – all within the app.


For more detailed information, read this article.


Creating design elements like wireframes, icons, and widgets can be laborious and at times,  you may have to acquire more knowledge or skill to develop these elements. Creative Cloud Add-ons is a marketplace where you can find and download free or paid, ready-to-use design elements.


Have you been using versions prior to Dreamweaver CC? Then, you would have missed some of the features you regularly used, for example, Server Behavior panel in Dreamweaver CC. Adobe shifted its focus to the modern web technologies such as HTML5 and jQuery and features that support web technologies that are no longer relevant to most Dreamweaver users were removed. On popular demand, some of these features have been made available as add-ons so that you can continue using them just as before in Dreamweaver.

Also, the web hosting application, Business Catalyst that you could access directly from within Dreamweaver, is also now available as an add-on.

To download and install add-ons, you can visit the Creative Cloud add-ons page. If you are an avid developer and have got some cool extensions that other Dreamweaver users can use, go ahead and upload them on the add-ons page!


In the next and the last part of this series, let’s take a look at the exhaustive collection of tools and services on Creative Cloud and how beautifully Dreamweaver integrates with them to help you create great looking web sites.