Capture vectors! Experience magic with Adobe Shape CC

Designer and illustrator Timothy Goodman uses Adobe Shape CC to capture and convert his drawings to vectors, saves them to his Creative Cloud Libraries, and then perfects them in Illustrator CC. You can too. Let’s help you get started.

What’s so great about vector
Unlike raster images, vector images are scalable. You can resize and transform them without any loss of quality.

Vector images look good even when they are made smaller or bigger

Get the apps you need
First things first. Get the apps you need. If you don’t already have Illustrator CC, check out the Creative Cloud plan that works for you and buy what you want – a single app or the complete toolset for creatives.

Adobe Shape CC is a free mobile app, currently available for your iPhone and iPad in English. Download Shape from iTunes App Store.

How Shape and other Adobe apps work together
Simply put, Shape helps you capture any shape as a vector and enhance them in Illustrator (or in Adobe Draw, Adobe Comp, and Photoshop).
companion apps
You can store the shapes in your Creative Cloud library and share them with your coworkers. You now have a seamlessly connected workflow that will make you a lot more productive.

Let’s try some examples
Capture a shape that you like, enhance and use in your design

Capture with Adobe Shape and edit the vector image in Illustrator

You often come across interesting motifs and shapes in the world around you – in Nature, in everyday artifacts. Stop and capture these motifs and shapes using Shape and save them as vector shapes in your Creative Cloud library. When you sit down to create with Illustrator or Photoshop, you can open these shapes from the library and use them in your design. Whether you are creating a design for a T-shirt, a mug, or a greeting card, these shapes will come handy. You will be able to scale, rotate, color, add intricacy, and more with these vector shapes and Adobe apps.

Watch Get started with Shape

Draw on paper, make it vector and enhance

When you get an idea about a poster, a book cover, or a greeting card, let’s say you are really quick with pen and paper. Go ahead and sketch out your idea on paper. With Shape on your iPhone or iPad, you can now capture the drawing and make it vector in one single step. What’s more, you can open the shape you have created in a powerful vector editing app like Illustrator and do wonders with the toolset in Illustrator.

Watch From sketch to poster

With Adobe Shape, everything around you can become something that you can use in your design. Play with Shape, make Creative Cloud and its many apps and services central to your creative process.

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