Capture your color inspirations with Adobe Color CC

Have you ever felt that a potentially-great design you created fell short of greatness just because there was ‘something’ not right about the colors? Putting together a good color palette for a project could be an agonizing task for an untrained eye, especially in the face of tight deadlines. You can overcome this conundrum with Adobe Color CC and have fun at the same time!

With Color CC, you can easily create your own color themes from images or paintings that inspire you, capture color themes from your surroundings when you are outdoors or on the move, use color theory in your designs without losing years of your life in becoming an expert, and rely on the community when you really need that color inspiration. Never let the choice of colors get in the way of a good design again!

Video: See how Adobe Color CC works.

Capture your color inspiration on the go

Capture colors on the go

Use Adobe Color CC for mobile—it’s free!—to instantly capture your inspiration from real-life color palettes like gardens, flowers, seasons, festivals, and sunsets. Alternatively, easily create a color scheme from that photograph you love, clicked with or saved on your mobile device.

Follow these links to download the mobile app for iOS and Android.

How Color CC does cool colors

Color moods

Color CC automatically picks five colors from your image or scene depending on the color mood you selected — Colorful, Bright, Muted, Deep, Dark, or Custom. Play around with different moods that are based on color harmony rules and find the color palette that suits your requirements. Or go custom to manually select your colors using the circular color selector—a small magnified-view bubble that appears as you drag the color selector to help you pick the right spot.

You can also fine-tune the colors in your palette by dragging the color sliders or by entering the desired color value in the color space that you prefer.

Access your colors themes anywhere using CreativeSync

Creative Cloud Libraries, powered by Adobe CreativeSync technology, makes your favorite assets available to you anywhere. This means that the color themes you create in Color CC mobile app and website can be accessed across other Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps for a seamless creative workflow!


Once you get your desired color theme, you can give your theme a name and save it. They are automatically saved to Creative Cloud Libraries. You can use them for your creative projects in Creative Cloud desktop apps like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, After Effects CC, and Flash Professional CC, and new Adobe Creative Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android like Illustrator Line, Illustrator Draw, and Photoshop Sketch. This will help you keep your creative work cohesive from a color perspective.

Read more about the 2015 release of Creative Cloud Libraries.

Share your colors themes with the world

Show your color themes and the images that inspired them to the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Use the hashtag #AdobeColorCC when you share!

Share your color themes on social media

Make your color themes public and add descriptive tags to them, so that other Color CC users can easily find them when they need inspiration.

Go to My Themes on Color CC website to see how your theme inspires other users; look for the numbers of views, rating, and favorites that your theme gets and feel good about it!

Explore the community for your color inspiration

For days when you need a quick dose of inspiration, use the Color CC website to explore the community, where users from around the word and different design fields share their color themes. The color community is one color inspiration source that you should definitely tap!

The search process is really simple:
a) Let’s say you are creating a design for a spring season theme poster. Just search for the keyword ‘spring’.

b) In the search results, edit any of these user-created color themes that inspire you.
(You just need to sign up to get an Adobe ID or sign in with your existing Adobe ID)


When you sign in to the Color CC website, you can also contribute to the community by commenting, rating, or marking color themes as your favorite!

Don’t stop having fun!

Color CC was created to help you get your work done and have fun at the same time. Share with us:

  • How you use Color CC in your creative projects or in Adobe apps
  • Any color story, advice, or special techniques you find useful

We look forward to listening to your experiences.