Enhance and share your photo stories with Adobe Slate

The top-notch, stylish presentations that you can create with Adobe Slate belies its ease of use. With the right pictures, the appropriate content, and a little imagination, there are limitless possibilities to what you can do with Adobe Slate.
Business presentations for professionals, travelogues for those on the move, event invites, project reports for students, and scientific research publications are only some of your many choices. This free app is available for iPads and desktop computers.

Click to see a few samples of what you can do with Adobe Slate:

slate2              slate1            slate3

Adobe Slate gives you:

  • A professional-looking, single scrollable web page hosted on Adobe’s server.
  • A page that uses a responsive design, suitable for any phone, tablet, or computer.
  • The ability to share your stories either privately or publicly.
  • An update option to revise your page as and when you need to.
  • Sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, or email. An embed code is also available if you wish to use it on your website.

All you need to do is stack elements of your choice and you are ready to scroll.

  1. Start by adding a title image along with a title text and get started.
    The add photo panel gives you the option to add photos from your computer or iPad, from your Creative Cloud account, from a synced Adobe Lightroom collection, a linked Dropbox account, or by using the built-in search for Creative Commons licensed images.
  2. Click plus to select the next component you want to add to your page. Choose from photos, text, link, photo grid, and glideshow. 


  3. Insert elements wherever you wish. You can also rearrange your components to change the order.
  4. Select a theme that sets the right mood for your story.
  5. Preview and publish your page. Your story is published as a web page and is hosted on an Adobe server.
  6. Share on Twitter and Facebook, or via email.

The fluid transitions and professional-quality animations of Adobe Slate instantly bring your stories to life. The ability to sync across devices makes it easy for you to build your story and carry it with you wherever you go.


Enriching your story elements

Adobe Slate’s preformatted layouts and fonts give your stories the extra edge. You can, however, make a few enhancements to enrich the storytelling experience. Here’s how.

Reposition the heading text and photo captions: Place your text around the focal point of your image. When you click the Focal Point icon focal on an image, Slate lets you move the focus to the desired area on your photo. After defining the focal point, reposition your text, holding and dragging the text to your preferred quadrant of the screen.


Reorder components: If you are not happy with the order of the elements in your story, simply rearrange them by clicking the Move icon move on an image. Slate displays arrows for you to move the element up or down the order.


Put in buttons for email and web addresses: Take your readers to your website or give them the option to send you an email. When adding elements, click the Link icon link to add a button that links to a web address or an email address. Include the complete http:// address. For an email link, use a mailto address (for example mailto://xyz@abc.com).


Reorganize your photo grid: Adobe Slate includes photos in the order that you add them to the grid. When editing a photo grid, use the arrows gridArrow to change the image positions. Create a star image by enlarging gridSize it or use a small image for uniformity.

Overlay a glideshow with text or images: After you add and organize the background images for your glideshow, overlay it with text or images that will glide on top as you scroll. Click glideAdd on the image to include text, links, or images that will glide over the transitioning background images.

Try Adobe Slate now and you should be well on your way to creating those grand stories.