All-new Adobe Presenter Video Express

This September saw the release of a standalone Adobe Presenter Video Express. This new app is easily the coolest tool for creating video e-learning modules, complete with quizzes, presenter heads, screen capture, videos, and more.

So, when a tool is so chock-full of features, it’s got to be complicated and clunky, right? Wrong.

Let’s see why I think Presenter Video Express is super-easy yet super-powerful.

Most users stumble into a few issues when they try out video recording. I will explain how Presenter Video Express addresses these issues to make video creation easy for you.

I don’t have a cool-looking recording studio

With Presenter Video Express, you don’t need a cool background setup to record your video. Sit in front of a plain background (typical in most organizations or home offices) and record with Presenter Video Express. While editing, you can easily remove the background and replace it with a background of your choice in three quick steps. You can even add a video background!

Changing your background in a snap

Changing your background in a snap

I’ve never edited videos before

If you’ve never worked with a video creation tool, then Adobe Presenter Video Express is THE tool for you. Its simple editing interface is meant for e-learning professionals who are not necessarily video professionals.

The editing controls are simple and intuitive, allowing you to create fancy effects without getting your hands dirty. You want Instagram-style effects for your video? Just select the appropriate effect from the Effect menu. You want some text or annotations to make your point clear? Just click Text and type. Emphasize certain parts of the screen you want to highlight using our simple (but highly effective) pan and zoom options.

You can even automatically generate closed captions for the audio you record with just a swipe of a mouse.

Easy video effects

Easy video effects

I need a talking head video, but I also need to show my screen. Do I need to create two videos and slice and dice them together? That’s way too complicated for me

Presenter Video Express is a joy if you have this kind of video requirement. When you record a video using Presenter Video Express, the software records the video of you talking and the actions you are recording on the screen. All at the same time.

While editing the video, you can turn on the video of yourself talking, turn on the video of your screen actions, or even show both side-by-side at the same time. Again, all by toggling on and off three little keys on the editing screen.

Simultaneously records the presenter and the screen

Simultaneously records the presenter and the screen

I already have screen video content recorded in another tool. Oh no! I don’t want to re-record in Presenter Video Express or do any complicated video merging stuff

That’s ok. Just insert your pre-existing videos into your Presenter Video Express video timeline and record your audio narration over them. This workflow is especially great for people collaborating in remote teams. One person can capture the screens, and another one can narrate over the pre-recorded screens. Because there are two different recording streams – the screen actions and the presenter image, this workflow is super-easy to execute.

Easy video importing and editing

Easy video importing and editing

Publishing to an LMS is so difficult

Have you taken a look at Adobe’s all-new Captivate Prime LMS? It is SCORM-compliant, and best of all, you can easily publish your e-learning modules created using Presenter Video Express to Captivate Prime by just using the Publish workflow. Simple and straight-forward. Just like recording or editing with Presenter Video Express.

Are these enough reasons to give Adobe Presenter Video Express a try? Yes? A free trial is here.
Before you get started, watch this video for inspiration.