Easy retouching for everyone, everywhere with Photoshop Fix

Enhancing your photos to create a look that you envision can be a challenging task without the expert knowledge of an imaging software or when you are on-the-go. With Adobe Photoshop Fix mobile app, you get the power of ‘Photoshop retouching’ to effortlessly enhance any image on your mobile device, anywhere you are!

Adobe Photoshop Fix app is available for your iPhone, iPad, or iPad Pro. It delivers the retouching capability that you’ve come to expect from the Photoshop desktop app right on your mobile device. Using Fix, you can quickly retouch or restore your images to achieve the precise look that you want.

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Use face-aware liquify tools to add more character and expression

Face-aware liquify recognizes specific facial features in your image. You can tap in an area of the face such as the jaw, nose, lips, or eyes and choose the adjustment that you want to make. Then you can drag the control to push, pull, rotate, swell, or reshape the selected area to create subtle or drastic effects.


Add the right emotion to perfect your image even if you mistimed that capture!

Fix imperfections with the powerful healing tool

Healing tools allow you to work on the fine details and remove any content that you do not want in your image.  Simply tap to remove minor blemished like the lens dust or brush over an area to fix the imperfection. For relatively complex corrections, you can use clone stamp and patch tools in combination to use the surrounding content and then blend it in.


Fix anything in your otherwise perfect moment!

Add or remove light from specific areas of your image

The light tool makes it easy to achieve the desired contrast and depth in your image. You can do this by brushing light or darkness in specific areas to adjust the shadows and highlights.

And yes, you do not need to change the brush size each time you change the zoom level while work on the larger and smaller features in your image. The brush size is relative to the screen size of your device and not the image!


Get the right depth and contrast in your image.

Add a splash of color or make an artistic statement with paint

Have fun by adding a mix of colors in your image. To get that precise color effect, you have an eyedropper to sample the color, an adjustable brush to paint, and an eraser to fine-tune the result.


Make your image stand-out from the rest.

Use your retouched images in other creative project

Once you have achieved the look that you want in your images, you can easily share them across other Adobe Creative Cloud desktop like Adobe Photoshop CC and mobile apps like Photoshop Mix, Adobe Illustrator Draw, Lightroom on mobile, Adobe Voice, and Adobe Slate.

When you send your images to Photoshop CC on the desktop, Fix converts all your adjustments to layers and packages your image as a PSD file.


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