Engage and collaborate on the move with Adobe Connect Mobile

Adobe Connect mobile provides a consistent mobile-friendly experience and allows collaborators at all virtual session endpoints to work seamlessly. Adobe Connect team has been constantly extending the available feature set and the user experience for the mobile client. In its latest avatar (version 2.5), the Adobe Connect Mobile app (Apple App Store, Google Play) has extended capabilities for Hosts and Presenters to run the meetings effortlessly, and for Participants to remain engaged on the move.

The mobile app has parity with the desktop app features. The latest enhancements in the app are:

  • iOS 9 compatibility
  • Significantly reduced battery consumption when put in background
  • Support for HTML5 custom pods created using Collaboration Builder SDK
  • Support for viewing full resolution MP4 videos played in a meeting
  • Option for Hosts to launch URLs for all participants

As before, you can effortlessly enter a meeting from the first screen and access the controls required to run a meeting.

Provide the URL to easily join a Connect Event

Quickly join a meeting or a virtual session

Below are some screenshots to show you how easy it is to use the new and updated tools and features.

You can share the content from the Content Library, the supported content from your tablet’s local storage, Adobe Connect Whiteboard, your webcam feed, and so on.

Share content in a meeting using iPad

Readily share from an iPad

When using a whiteboard, allowed participants can use many markup and drawing tools to do freehand drawing.

Tools available in Connect Whiteboard to create illustrations

Whiteboard tools palette

The in-app options dynamically adjust to fit in the available screen real estate. For example, the options of attendee status vary between a mobile and an iPad. Another example of dynamic in-app option is the Attendee Pod, in which the controls are displayed according to the capabilities of the connected device.

Participant status options on tablet and mobile

Participant status options on an Android mobile and an iPad

The main menu lets you access all the meeting options in one place to manage the meeting room layouts, the audio and video sharing, and participant entry. In addition, you can access the help content.

Meeting options menu in Connect mobile

Meeting options in the main menu

You can customize the audio options to manage meeting audio. You can use the mic of the devices and also get the audio on the telephone line. In addition, you can allow meeting participants to use their mic to communicate in the meeting.

Meeting audio options in Connect Mobile app

Options to manage the meeting audio

You can quickly broadcast your camera feed using either of the cameras of your device.

Webcam feed in Connect Mobile client

Broadcasting using mobile camera


For your next meeting, do try out the free apps from Google Play for Android or Apple App Store for iOS. For a FAQ based quick help of the Mobile app, see Connect Mobile Help.

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