Say hello to Adobe Capture CC

Have you seen a ball of wool tangled up and in the process form an interesting, mystique shape? Have you seen a flower fall into the lake below and form an exotic pattern? How about the beautiful sunset you watched last summer along the beach?

These moments become memorable as they ‘stir’ up something in you. As a designer, you may register several such moments in your mind or click a picture, and use various software tools to translate them into a format that can be used in your design projects. What if you could use a single mobile app to do a multitude of things instantaneously – almost as soon as they occur?

Time to say hello to Capture CC – a mobile app that helps you transform inspiration to assets. Inspiration strikes you when you least expect it. So, arm yourself with this app and waste no time – convert the wool pattern into a vector graphic and save it in your CC Library. Or, get the color tones and look of the sunset and use it on another image that you have in your library. When you get to your design studio, simply import these assets from CC Libraries into other Adobe apps in as many projects as you want. Really cool, isn’t it?

This article walks you through the main features of Capture CC, and what better way than pictures to depict the transformation of inspiration to assets!

Capture CC can be installed and used on your iPad, iPhone, iPad Pro, or Android devices.

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What can I do with Capture CC?

Using Capture CC, you can capture color themes, shapes, Looks, and create brushes.
















What can I do with Capture assets?

The Capture asset type determines the mobile and desktop app you can use the asset in. The following table summarizes the apps in which Capture assets can be used:



More learning…

If you have a question, please leave a comment or post it on Capture CC forum.

Get inspired. Capture!