Troubleshooting font-related errors in FrameMaker (2015 release)

Fonts are critical building blocks in FrameMaker authoring. Let’s take a look at some common font-related issues that you might encounter in FrameMaker and their quick fixes. Issue in installing FrameMaker due to conflicting fonts FrameMaker installation fails or completes with errors due to conflicting fonts like symbol.ttf or euclid.ttf in the fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts\). Note:  To […]

Adobe Bridge CC 6.2 release now available!

Easy-to-use visual gateway to all of your assets If you’ve used Adobe’s creative products for a while, you’re familiar with Adobe Bridge. Bridge is a media browsing application used by designers, photographers, and creative professionals. Bridge CC gives you centralized access to all the images, artwork, videos, and design assets that you need for your […]

A dash of Behance for your smartwatch

Two years ago, I vowed I’d never own a smartwatch in my life. I almost shared my Bhishma’s1 resolve on a social network, but stopped short of clicking the Post button. I believed a watch was all about freedom—from the midnight hunt for a charger or from the frantic Internet search on how to reset […]

Adobe Muse CC (February release) is here!

The latest Adobe Muse CC release (2015.1) packs in exciting features like the much-awaited, responsive web design, integration with Creative Cloud Libraries and Adobe Stock, State transitions, and much more. Read on to know more about these features. Responsive web design The Adobe Muse – February release offers you an easy, no-coding approach to designing […]