A dash of Behance for your smartwatch

Two years ago, I vowed I’d never own a smartwatch in my life. I almost shared my Bhishma’s1 resolve on a social network, but stopped short of clicking the Post button. I believed a watch was all about freedom—from the midnight hunt for a charger or from the frantic Internet search on how to reset an unresponsive device.

Two months back, I bought my first smartwatch—a second-generation Moto 360.

Technology is capable of causing such extreme swings in opinion. One just needs to wait for it to become mature enough. I now realize that I find my Moto 360 irresistible because, unlike early smartwatches, it approximates what my favorite men’s watches look like. It is round, big, and comes with a leather strap. Or a metallic chain depending on what you fancy.

While I waited for the smartwatch to arrive in the mail, I looked up some good accessories for it online. “Anti Explosion Tempered Glass Tough Screen Guard Protector” caught my eye. I ordered it, not feeling sure whether I should be happy or afraid. Fortunately, I’ve not had the opportunity to test the “anti explosion” claim yet.

Many faces, many hands

A smartwatch is many watches rolled into one. You could give it a fresh face every day and make it a new watch all over again. It is also an additional display—arguably the smallest—in your digital arsenal, so you could choose what content you want on it. I wanted it to be another screen where I followed the creative community at large and derived inspiration for my work. Looking around to find watch faces that could help me do that, I was pleasantly surprised.

Behance Watch Faces


If you’re a creative professional, you probably already have a portfolio on Behance. Behance, part of the Adobe family of products, is the platform of choice for showcasing and discovering the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries.

Behance has made available a suite of smartwatch faces for Android Wear devices on Google Play Store. Six unique watch faces are available as part of Behance Watch Faces: Classic, Phrase, AG, Pulse, Timecard, and Window. While Classic, Window, and AG are analog watch faces; Pulse and Timecard display time in the digital format. Phrase, true to its name, tells you time in a fuzzy format, much as a person would. 1:50 is “Ten Minutes To Two”. Clean and minimal.


(From Left to Right) AG, Window, Classic, Phrase, Pulse, and Timecard2

You can modify the available settings for any of these watch faces. On your watch, simply long press the home face to get to the watch face selector. Now, tap the settings gear icon corresponding to the watch face you want to customize.


Notably, you can choose backgrounds featuring work from Behance portfolios of over 30 distinguished creative professionals3. (Step 3 above).

Earlier in this post, I mentioned that my Moto 360 is round. Why, then, are the screenshots in this blog post square? That’s because Android Wear always seems to shoot them square regardless of the actual shape of the device. Just to give you a taste of what the watch faces look like on the actual smartwatch, I clicked this picture:


More from Behance

Behance has published several mobile apps that let you discover the world’s best creative work and highlight your own. See the Behance apps page.


Ten dumb watches, lovingly acquired over the years, sit in my cabinet waiting for their turn. Conversations with my wife turn to the topic of discretionary expenses pretty unexpectedly these days. Still, when my smartwatch shimmers in the dead of the night, announcing the arrival of an email, my eyes light up. I swipe right to dismiss the mailer from a pesky bank. Admiring the background of the moment from Behance, I try to fall back asleep.

That’s the life of a tech enthusiast in precarious balance. Fair enough, don’t you think?



  1. Bhishma of the Terrible Vow; see this Wikipedia article
  2. The artwork depicted in the screenshots is only for illustrative purposes. All copyright and intellectual property of the original artists is acknowledged and respected.
  3. Portfolios in Behance Watch Faces as of the date of writing this blog post include those of: Alberto Seveso, Andy Lee, Bjorg Elise Tuppen, Brendan Savage, Daniel Reed, Grigori Shevtsov, James Wignall, Jason Battersby, Jason Tessier, Jean-Christophe Saint-Dizier, Jonathan Calugi, Julieanne Kost, Julien Palast, Kerim Arslan, Laszlo Varga, Lucas Furla, Luke Choice, Marius Roosendaal, Mark Brooks, Martín Azambuja, MIMI.C, Nancy Wood, Paolo Todde, Riccardo Sabatini, Roby Dwi Antono, Serge Aleynikov, Serial Cut, Silvia G. Guerra, Vassilis Tangoulis, Won Kim, and Yosman Botero.