Animate CC 15.2 release (June): Express more with less

Animate CC continues to evolve its features with a focus on greater expressivity, performance improvements, and productivity gains. In this release, Animate CC continues its trailblazing journey in the web arena with Pattern brushes, Frame picker, Layer transparency, and improved web publishing options to create amazing animations for various form factors.

Pattern brushes:

Limited brush capabilities have always been a bane of Animate CC.  You were often forced to use external tools to draw and import files to Animate CC.

Animate CC introduces new vector pattern brushes that manage the appearance of the stroke at the corners and help you convert Art brushes to Pattern brushes. Pattern brushes open up a new, wide world of endless possibilities from painting patterns in greeting cards and repeating patterns in animations.



You can also create brush presets and use Creative Cloud Libraries to import new Pattern brushes to your animations.  Use pattern brushes to unleash the creativity in you!  Draw a vector pattern along the path or stretch to its entire length, and use Creative Cloud Libraries in tandem to create unique canvasses!


Frame Picker:

Animating graphics with keyframes used to be a tedious process that requires you to manually enter the values in the Properties panel.

The new Frame picker displays all your graphic symbols as thumbnails and helps you to visually connect with the graphic symbol that you want to add to the keyframes. This new feature comes in handy with scenarios such as lip syncing with audio. In previous releases of Animate CC, you manually sieved and filtered the various lip syncing graphic symbols and matched them with their respective audio files. With the new Frame picker, you can easily associate the audio with the facial expressions and bring them to life!


Layer Transparency:

As animators, you often sketch your designs on a paper and scan and import the sketches to Animate CC. In previous versions of Animate CC, you drew over the imported sketch and manually added transparency attributes. Now, you can use the Layer transparency feature within Animate CC to set the visibility of the imported layer to transparent. This small enhancement reduces your effort by leaps and bounds.


User-defined colored onion skin:

You might come across scenarios where you want to examine incremental changes in an animation on a frame-by-frame basis. In previous versions of Animate CC 2015, though the frames were color-coded as red and blue, a quick view of changes in a series of frames in the animation was challenging.

From this release onwards, you can customize the colors of the onion skins and combine them with the Layer transparency feature to differentiate a series of frames. Onion skin frames that move away from the active frame appear with progressively decreasing transparency, and this helps you examine and manage your animations with ease.



Improved Web Publishing Options:

Responsive scaling: With more Animate CC content being published in HTML, responsive animations are essential. During publishing, when you specify the responsive scaling option, your content resizes and reflows on various form devices.


Regular Content-Stretch to Fit


Responsive Content

Center stage:

When creating HTML5 ads, you might have often felt challenged to display content in the center of the screen.  Use the center stage feature in Animate CC 15.2 release to overcome the display challenge and view the content at the center of the browser. To customize your content display further in the browser window, you can also use the center stage alignment options, such as horizontal or vertical.


Regular Content



Center Stage Content

We have been hard at work with this latest update and are excited to see what you create with it.

Check out our complete list of updates at What’s New in Adobe Animate CC 2015.2, and don’t forget to tag your projects on social media with #madewithAnimateCC!