Maximize collaboration on creative assets with AEM Assets Brand Portal

Often, as a marketer, you want to quickly share digital assets with channel partners to collaborate on a stellar marketing campaign so critical to your GTM strategy. For example, you may want to share photos featuring trendy apparel that you plan to showcase as part of the upcoming launch of your summer fashion collection.

If you are a large organization, building a secure platform to share digital assets in a controlled manner without exposing your core digital asset management system is a big challenge.

Without a reliable platform that facilitates seamless sharing and provides a limited set of editing capabilities to external parties while protecting your core digital asset repository, realistic collaboration becomes difficult. In fact, it is a major roadblock to implementing your marketing strategy and increases the time to market for your products.

In this post, I try to explain how Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets Brand Portal enables you to manage the distribution for your brand assets and collaborate efficiently with partners, field teams, external agencies, and various internal teams.

Seamless collaboration with creative partners

There are several solutions available in the market, which provide ad hoc frameworks to foster collaboration on digital assets. However, in the absence of an integrated solution, you often incur huge costs to build custom projects for collaboration.

Moreover, without an independent platform to host the assets that you share, you run the risk of exposing your asset repository to external users.

AEM Assets Brand Portal is a true mobile-based SAAS offering that provides a quick and efficient cloud-based solution.

Brand Portal enables you to easily control, distribute, and collaborate on creative assets with external agencies over a portal that eliminates the need to log in to your digital asset management system.

The result: Seamless collaboration across devices while ensuring robust security for your proprietary asset repository.

Browser-based self-serve environment

Customers who purchase the Brand Portal add-on are provisioned with a Brand Portal instance. You can control the interface that you want displayed to users with whom you share assets. You can simplify it to provide users easy access to assets you share.

In addition, you can customize the interface to include headers and background images to match your brand. Brand Portal is available to AEM Assets customers across deployments (cloud services/on premise). Here is value proposition of Brand Portal:

  • Efficient asset management: Lets you organize, browse, search, preview, and export assets in company-defined formats
  • Administrator-controlled user views: Supports basic UI customization to match your brand (CSS, logo, etc.)
  • Scalability: Can scale up to meet the needs of enterprises with thousands of users with 10% concurrent users searching or downloading assets

User personas

In Brand Portal, you are assigned the role of an administrator or a user. If you are an administrator in AEM Assets, you automatically inherit administrator privileges to Brand Portal. Alternatively, an AEM Assets administrator can assign you the role of a Brand Portal administrator.

If you have administrator privileges in Brand Portal, you can perform a host of administrator tasks, such as Brand Portal setup (including customizing the Brand Portal interface to match your brand), user administration, and asset folder and collection sharing with other users. You can also access administrator tools, such as search facets, and generate and monitor usage reports about the digital assets.

If you are a creative agency member, freelancer, salesperson, or partner, you typically are assigned the role of a user. In this role, you have a smaller set of capabilities. For example, you can configure your Brand Portal account, browse assets shared by an administrator, and search for assets within Brand Portal. You can also preview assets (including video, multi-page assets) and download and export shared assets.