Reader Mobile: An app you just can’t do without!

The Adobe Acrobat Reader Mobile app, or the Reader Mobile as we call it, is one of the most-used Reader apps on any phone. With over three billion downloads on iOS and Android devices, this is one app we cannot do without. For accessing PDF files, catching up on our reading, keeping our resume handy, and what not.

But is this all about Reader Mobile or is there more to it? Well, when I began to explore the uses of Reader Mobile, I came across a lot of use cases where this application can be used apart from its primary usage of helping us read.

Imagine the experience of receiving a letter that you need to print, sign, scan, and email back to the sender. Familiar, right? This workflow is common for proposing and accepting an offer or a quotation.

Now imagine implementing this workflow using the Reader Mobile app. First and foremost, there’s no need to print, and that’s a huge benefit. Plus you get the capability to provide required input by filling in predefined text boxes and to sign the document. A tidy, efficient workflow that removes redundant steps and imposes consistency.


Another scenario is when you have to make notes while reading or read and add your feedback. Students, teachers, writers, editors, managers, process creators – don’t we all have these tasks as part of our To-Do lists? With Reader Mobile on your portable e-device, the days of carrying highlighters and pens/pencils are over. You can now read, review, and edit anytime, anywhere and with far more agility.


Reader Mobile comes with easy-to-use tools for highlighting text and making contextual notes as well. What’s best, you no longer need to restrict yourself to that little border space for capturing notes.


So, with an application like Reader Mobile, I bet you can do a lot more than just reading!

Start using Reader Mobile rightaway. And, if you find it useful and want to leverage its full capabilities, get a paid subscription.  With the paid version, you can convert your Microsoft Office files and image files to PDF.

Download the app here for iOS and Android