Showcase your finest work with Adobe Stock Contributor

Guest post by Kirsten Harris, Director of Contributor Relations and Content, Adobe

We recently launched the Adobe Stock Contributor portal, a new platform that lets you upload and sell your photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos to the world’s largest creative community. Adobe Stock is accessed by millions of stock buyers directly inside Adobe Creative Cloud applications, such as Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC, or on the web. As an Adobe Stock contributor, your content is available to this extensive customer base, letting you earn best-in-class rewards.

Signing up is easy…

All you need to get started is an Adobe ID. Watch this brief video on how to sign up:

Uploading your content

There’s no minimum number of files for your first submission. You can drag-and-drop your files or browse to them for uploading. Alternatively, you can use the FTP Upload option for submitting videos or large volumes of content. Watch this video about uploading content:

 We’ve also put together a list of frequently asked questions you’d want to check out.

Contribute directly from Creative Cloud apps

Already a user of Lightroom CC or Bridge CC? You can upload your images in RAW or JPEG formats directly from Lightroom and Bridge. Watch how:

Auto-keywording makes contributing a snap!

The Contributor portal introduces auto-keywording, a time-saving tool that leverages innovative machine learning technology to automatically generate the first five keywords for each image that you submit.

When you upload an image, our algorithm analyzes it, generating keywords from the top images that are similar to yours. We reorder those keywords by relevancy and display the top five for you to review, edit, and reorder. If you added keywords already while submitting—for instance, in Lightroom—those keywords are preserved in alphabetical order. Reorder them on the Contributor portal to ensure that the top five are the most relevant.

After you’ve submitted your content, the asset is reviewed for quality and appropriateness. Once approved, it is published.

Explore more…

Head over to the Stock Contributor portal now to learn about other interesting features. To learn how to contribute assets, see these resources:

It’s never been this easy to showcase your creative work and be rewarded for it!

Experiment. Create. Publish. Earn. Happy contributing!