Introducing Adobe Muse CC 2017

The Adobe Muse team is excited to announce the release of Adobe Muse CC 2017. This release brings in several enhancements such as support for Google reCAPTCHA v2, support for animations in CC Libraries, Power Zoom, and more. Read on to know more on some of these features.

Support for Google reCAPTCHA v2

Adobe Muse now supports Google reCAPTCHA version 2. When you add new contact forms to your website, you can now choose the reCAPTCHA v2 option from the Options panel.


You will notice that the image verification box is immediately added to your form.


Using animations just got easier!

Be it any website, animations always capture users’ attention. You can now easily bring in animations into Adobe Muse, using Creative Cloud Libraries. All you have to do is open the CC Libraries panel in Animate CC, add the animations to your library, and reuse them in Adobe Muse.


You can then place the animation as a linked asset in your Adobe Muse website. With a single click, you can now reuse animations across different web pages, or even different projects.

Power Zoom through your website

The new Power Zoom feature allows you to quickly zoom in to a particular area in your website. If you are in a meeting with your client, and want to quickly edit your site content, you can try the Power Zoom feature. Use Power Zoom to quickly zoom in and out of different parts of your website.

To use this feature, activate the hand tool, press the Alt key, and hold down the mouse button. Your site zooms out. Simultaneously, a red box or the view area appears. Use the arrow keys or your mouse pad to move your view area. Release the mouse button to zoom in on the view area.


These are just some of the enhancements in Adobe Muse. To view the complete list of the new features, see What’s New in Adobe Muse 2015.2.

To take advantage of the updates, download the latest version of Adobe Muse from your Creative Cloud desktop app. If the update notification hasn’t appeared in your Creative Cloud app, simply click the gear icon and choose Check for App Updates.

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