Keyboard shortcuts

Nifty Dreamweaver keyboard shortcut printables

Web developers are always on the lookout for neat tips and tricks that will make the task of developing websites faster. And one way of doing just that is via keyboard shortcuts.

Let’s face it – creating and maintaining a website is by no means an easy task. Sure, you’re not exactly exerting yourself physically, but after a few hours of repetitive mouse movements and clicking, you can definitely feel the strain.

While keyboard shortcuts don’t exactly eliminate all your work, they do slim down the time it takes to do certain things. If you want to save yourself some time – possibly hours – then you should definitely try these handy little shortcuts.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts for Dreamweaver on Windows and Mac, and grouped these shortcuts into categories for easy access. And we’ve made printables out of it.

These printables can be printed on regular A4 size paper using any standard printer (a color printer is preferable).

So, go ahead, download and print these keyboard shortcuts. Pin them up where you can see them, and get busy coding and designing your websites.

Click the following links to download the printables.

Dreamweaver Windows keyboard shortcuts
Dreamweaver Mac keyboard shortcuts