Illustrator keyboard shortcuts: A cheat sheet

In collaboration with Samartha Vashishtha and Gauri Arankalle/ Panicker

Whether you are a new Illustrator user or a seasoned one, using keyboard shortcuts can save you much time. While many shortcuts appear when you hover over tool icons, remembering the right shortcut right when you need it remains a challenge. There are simply so many of them!

We thought we’d take some stress off your memory and give you a cheat sheet. While it includes many of the popular shortcuts in Illustrator, all you need to access the full keyboard shortcut list is scan the QR code on the sheet. That simple!

Click the icon for your platform (macOS or Windows) to view the cheat sheet for it:

You use Illustrator every day to do stellar work. We thought we’d lend a little helping hand to make it faster. Happy creating!