Create collages with Photoshop Express

Guest post by Kusha Chopra, Lead Software Product Quality Specialist, Adobe

Photoshop Express is not only about editing and enhancing your photos. This cool app is now even cooler with the new Collage feature, which enables you to combine multiple images into a great collage on your iOS device. All this in a few, easy steps!

When you launch Photoshop Express, you can find the Make Collage option right next to the Edit Images option. This helps you find the single image editing and collage making workflows easily.

Start making collages right away. Photoshop Express creates and shows you a few automatic collages of your photos created with the help of image metadata like geolocation and time. If you like an auto-suggested collage, your work is done! Zero manual effort.

Alternatively, you can choose your photos. Photoshop Express allows you to combine up to nine photos in a single collage.

After you’ve selected the photos and clicked Next, Photoshop Express creates the collage with a calculated layout. The photos are panned and zoomed in to keep the important parts of the photos in view. You can be ready with your collage at this point if you like the layout.

You also have the flexibility and power to choose a layout from available options and use pan and zoom to select the parts you want to highlight in the collage.

Your composition should be ready at this point. Don’t miss checking out a few more options that can do magic to your collage:

  • Use the Style Transfer option to harmonize the photos in the collage by applying a uniform style to them. Not just this, you can try multiple styles on your collage by applying the style of any photo in your gallery.

  • Fix the photos in the editor. If any of the photos in the collage needs editing, you can take it to the editor without discarding the collage you are creating. You can even change your photo selection at any time.

  • Fine-tune the outer and inner borders by adjusting border width, radius, and colors.

Easy, automated creation in less than three steps or a guided workflow with the power to fine-tune the selection, layout, and look-and-feel. Photoshop Express makes creating collages a happy and worthwhile experience.

Happy collage creating!