Git on with Dreamweaver CC!

Are you a Dreamweaver user who has experienced frustration with issues like file overwrites, lost files, or updates being made to the wrong version of a file? No matter how efficient you are or how hard you try, it is virtually impossible to work without a good version control system.

If you are a coder, Git needs no introduction. For the uninitiated, Git is a free, open-source, distributed version control system that helps you manage your files and code. As a web designer or as a developer who uses Dreamweaver CC, you can now use Git to maintain many versions of your files, manage source code in a secure repository, and collaborate real-time with other users.

To use Git from within Dreamweaver, you need to first download a Git client and create a Git account. If you’re already working with an existing Git repository hosted on Github, Bitbucket, or other popular hosting services, you simply need to sign into your Git account. Now, when you open the latest version of Dreamweaver, the app automatically picks up the location of your Git executable file. You can go on to initialize a new Git repository or clone an existing repository.

After initializing or cloning a Git repo, you can view all the files and folders that are related to your project in the Files panel. Notice that there is a new Git View icon in the Files panel. Click this icon to view all the files that are associated with a Git repository.

Git automatically categorizes your files as untracked (displayed in green), modified (displayed in yellow), and committed (displayed in white).

When you initialize a repo, the files are untracked. When you edit a file and save the change, the files are modified. Unless you commit your changes to a repo, the edits are saved only to your local system.

Dreamweaver includes a new Git panel (Window > Git) to let you perform actions such as Commit, Push, and Pull.

There’s more! You can create and manage remote Git repositories, too, from within Dreamweaver. Remote repositories allow you to access a repository that is hosted in another network. This means that you can use remote connections to easily share your files and updates, and collaborate with other users. To create a remote connection, click Create Remote in the Git panel.

Download the latest update to Dreamweaver CC today from your Creative Cloud desktop application, and start using Git to manage your files. Leave a comment to let us know if this feature helped you.

Detailed instructions on setting up Git and integrating it with Dreamweaver are available in this Help article: Using Git in Dreamweaver.