Play with time in Adobe Premiere Elements

In collaboration with Kalika Arora

Tired of posting stills on your social networks? Try learning easy techniques to create short, innovative videos of your creative work and spice up your posts. Start off by screen-recording your creation on your device, step-by-step from scratch. Once you have the video clip, you’re ready to apply quick, fun edits to your video using Adobe Premiere Elements.

To find out the supported file types in Adobe Premiere Elements, see Supported file formats.

Here’s a tutorial on how you can play with the clip speed and add dramatic motion effects to your video, using the Time remapping feature in Adobe Premiere Elements. Let’s take an example of a sketch demonstration and apply Time Remapping to it to achieve this video:


Curious to learn how to achieve the slow and fast motion effects? Let’s get started.

  1. Launch Adobe Premiere Elements and click Add media in the upper-right corner of the screen to import the video clip that you want to work with.

2. Select the option to import media and choose your clip.

3. Select the Quick edit mode in the upper panel of the screen to quickly work with video edits.

4. Click the Tools icon  in the right panel of the screen and select Time Remapping from the displayed options.

The following screen appears:

The highlighted section displays the CTI

Adding a slow motion effect

  1. In the timeline panel at the bottom which displays every frame of your video, move the CTI to the frame from where you want to apply the effect.

2. Click Add TimeZone from the bottom panel.

3. Now move the handles on the timeline to indicate the start and end frames for which you want to apply the effect on. In this video, this effect has been applied at the start of the video clip to showcase the plain sketch in slow motion.

4. Once you’ve selected the frames (indicated by the green color), select an effect from the given options in the bottom bar.

5. Move the slider to the desired effect ranging from Extremely Slow to Normal, to apply a slow effect.

6. Click Done.

7. Adobe Premiere Elements will take you back to the Quick edit mode screen. Place the CTI at the first frame and click play to view the effect.

You can delete frames by clicking the Split Clip icon on the CTI or pressing Ctrl+K, at the start and end of the video segment you want to delete, and click Delete. To know more, see Split clips and Trim Clips.

Adding a fast motion effect

To add a fast motion effect, follow steps 1-3 given in the previous section and continue with the following procedure.

1. Using the handles, the coloring-in part of the video is selected.

2. In the bottom panel, move the slider to any effect between Normal to Extremely Fast to apply a fast motion effect.

3. Click Done.

4. In the Quick mode screen, click  to view the applied effect. If you’re not happy with the effect applied you can click  and re-apply the effect.

In the Time Remapping window, you can find the following options:

Frame Blending Smoothen the appearance of frames in slow motion. Make sure to render the video afterwards in the Quick edit mode screen, by clicking Render.

Reset Remove the applied effects and start over.

Duration Length of the selected video segment, in seconds.

Easing In Slows down the transition while entering a frame.

Easing Out Gradually fastens the transition while leaving a frame.

This way, you can apply slow and fast motion effects to different segments of a single video. Once you’re happy with the effects applied, you can now export and share your video clip. To do this, click Export and Share in the upper-right corner of the screen. See Export and Share your video for more details.

Now that you know how to work with Time Remapping, are you excited to create fun videos using these effects? In true Christmas spirit, let’s allow our creative juices to flow, light up our ideas, and turn them into reality.

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Get cracking! Good luck!