Design a tri-fold brochure in Adobe FrameMaker

In collaboration with Gauri Arankalle Panicker and Nandini Gupta If you are an avid Adobe FrameMaker user, you are already creating technical content in various formats using FrameMaker. Do you know that you can also put on your designer’s hat and create attractive marketing content in FrameMaker? In this post, we will tell you how we […]

Troubleshooting font-related errors in FrameMaker (2015 release)

Fonts are critical building blocks in FrameMaker authoring. Let’s take a look at some common font-related issues that you might encounter in FrameMaker and their quick fixes. Issue in installing FrameMaker due to conflicting fonts FrameMaker installation fails or completes with errors due to conflicting fonts like symbol.ttf or euclid.ttf in the fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts\). Note:  To […]