Magic with Photoshop and Microsoft Surface Dial

Guest post by David Tristram, Senior Computer Scientist—Photoshop Engineering Hi, I’m David Tristram, Photoshop User-Interface Engineer, and I’d like to tell you about the Microsoft Surface Dial device and how it works in Photoshop. Microsoft’s new input device, the Surface Dial, is a simple and intuitive input device available to all users of Windows. The […]

Photoshop is now Touch Bar-ready

Photoshop recently rolled out support for Touch Bar, the multitouch display at the top of the new MacBook Pro keyboard. When you use Photoshop, controls and features relevant to your work are accessible through the Touch Bar using familiar gestures, such as tap, drag, and slide. Touch Bar support in Photoshop is currently a technology […]

Create animated GIFs with Photoshop

Be it an adorable cat GIF or a Mean Girls GIF, GIFs are everywhere on the Internet. They easily capture viewers’ attention and, when used well, can make a great impact. Ever wondered how GIFs are made? Creating GIFs with Adobe Photoshop is easy. Photographs, text strings, or logos – you can transform any still […]

Make the most of Match Font

The 2015.5 release of Photoshop CC marks the debut of Match Font, a nifty new feature that makes it a snap to identify fonts in posters, stamps, pictures, and more. Putting image analysis to good use, it suggests licensed fonts on your computer or from Typekit that are similar to the font in an image. […]

Memorable moments, caricature style

In collaboration with Samartha Vashishtha From casual social media conversations to serious political columns, caricatures add a dash of comic relief to any situation. You’ve seen and admired caricatures in the past, wondering how hard it is to create one. Not much, we assure you, if you have Photoshop and some knowledge of what tools to […]

New touch interactions in Photoshop

In an earlier post on this blog, we introduced you to some touch interactions in Photoshop for supported Windows-powered devices, such as the Surface Pro. The 2015.1 release of Photoshop CC, made available earlier this week, rolls out support for several new touch interactions. Two-Finger Step Forward in History (Redo): Move two fingers rapidly from […]

Touch interactions in Photoshop

If you own a Photoshop-supported Windows-powered device, such as the Surface Pro 3, you might already have tried your hand at Photoshop touch interactions. Still, we thought it’d be useful to “show” you the different available interactions and ensure that you’re making the most of them. If this post introduces you to a new interaction, […]