Creating forms? Think adaptive and visual.

Adaptive forms in Adobe Experience Manager are new-age forms. These forms change their appearance based on the screen size of the device and are interactive in nature. These forms also integrate with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign. Using adaptive forms, you can deliver personalized and targeted experiences to users based on their demography and other […]

Securing and protecting documents for the multi-platform world

In today’s global, digitally networked world, organizations are under pressure to quickly and efficiently deliver better products and services to the market. Organizations are constantly exchanging or selectively distributing documents that contain sensitive information—internally with employees, externally with partners, and through digital self-service to consumers. At the same time, maintaining control of information has never […]

Asset Insights

In this Digital era, giant technological advances in various areas (including media processing, storage, and distribution) coupled with the advent of cool devices have opened up new channels and creative ways to share digital content online. Organizations now pack their online content (including website content, banners, ads etc.) with more pictures, audio, and video to […]

Setting up an A/B test using Adobe Target

Adobe Target lets you efficiently perform A/B tests to evaluate whether the changes you make to your website generate the desired conversion. Broadly speaking, Adobe Target houses your entire A/B test workflow within what is called a campaign. A campaign assembles the locations (mbox) where you want to swap content, the various offers, and experiences […]

A/B testing with Adobe Target

Simply put, A/B testing refers to random statistical experiments in which two versions (A and B) of an entity are pitted against each other to determine the winner. For example, you can compare two variants of an e-commerce website against each other. The one that generates more sales compared the other is the winner. Of […]